Getting Started and Connecting
Module 01: Cultural Responsiveness: Bridge the Gaps of Culture
Module 02: Deconstructing Barriers of Cultural Responsiveness
Module-03: Evaluating and Measuring Acculturative Stress
Module 04: The Culturally Responsive System (CRS): Creating a Solid Foundation
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Tier 3: Individualized Learning

Tier 3 – Individualized Instruction or Course Design

Instructional and design methods in Tier 3 applied to a specific small group of individuals or an individual student. These cultural responses are most often used for individuals struggling to acclimate to the environment or where levels of acculturative stress are present to a marked degree. Methods found in Tier 3 cultural responsiveness are designed for students who require 50% percent or more instruction to be culturally responsive to find academic success within their learning environment. 

Tier 3 methods can be applied because the acculturative stress levels are so high that specific supports are required to support student learning outcomes. This Tier is for students who are assessed as experiencing acculturative stress. Tier 3’s responses are specific to an individual student.  This method includes instruction techniques, active learning, and an increase in divergent thinking.