Getting Started and Connecting
Module 01: Cultural Responsiveness: Bridge the Gaps of Culture
Module 02: Deconstructing Barriers of Cultural Responsiveness
Module-03: Evaluating and Measuring Acculturative Stress
Module 04: The Culturally Responsive System (CRS): Creating a Solid Foundation
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Tier 2: Collaborative Learning and Small Groups

Tier 2 – Collaboration and Group Development

Instructional and design methods in Tier 2 are for collaborative learning and group development.  Tier 2’s intermediate teaching methods are designed for students who require 20-50% percent of instruction to be culturally responsive and decrease acculturative stress to the level where learning can take place.  This method includes more specific emphasis on collaboration and group membership and development, interpersonal communication, and outcomes. All students receive culturally responsive teaching and/or support methods and support when working in small groups and collaborative learning experiences. A more specific focus on key components of cultural responsiveness that support students in collective learning experiences. Little to some differentiation is required in both Tiers 1 and 2.