Getting Started and Connecting
Module 01: Cultural Responsiveness: Bridge the Gaps of Culture
Module 02: Deconstructing Barriers of Cultural Responsiveness
Module-03: Evaluating and Measuring Acculturative Stress
Module 04: The Culturally Responsive System (CRS): Creating a Solid Foundation
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Integration refers to the process where individuals navigate the delicate balance between maintaining their own cultural identity while also embracing and adapting to the culture of the host environment, in this context, the learning environment. It’s a complex and often highly individualized approach to cultural interaction.

When individuals choose the path of integration, they are essentially acknowledging the significance of the culture within the learning environment. They recognize that aspects of this culture can be beneficial for their personal and academic growth. At the same time, they firmly hold onto their own cultural identity. This choice represents a commitment to the idea that one can maintain their cultural roots while still thriving within a different cultural context.