Professional Development

Through education and training, I provide individuals with education and training on the concepts and practices of neuroculture.

This can be workshops, seminars, coaching, or even reading materials and videos that help them understand the complex ways in which culture shapes our understanding of the world.

I Help Individuals Improve the World
Through Neuroculture.
Here are a Few Examples:

Leadership Coaching
I provide leaders with personalized coaching and support, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to lead with neuroculture in mind, to understand and appreciate the diversity of their workforce, and to create a culture of belonging and respect.
Cultural Competence
I help individuals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to understand, appreciate, and work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Cross-cultural Performance Evaluation
I help individuals develop the skills they need to communicate effectively across cultures, when evaluating professional performance.
Cultural Adaptation
I assist individuals who are navigating a new cultural environment or undergoing acculturation, by providing guidance on how to cope with cultural differences, build relationships, and adapt to new norms and expectations.
Personal Development
I also help individuals identify and develop their own strengths, and set personal and professional development goals related to their own cultural background and identity.
Inclusivity and Accessibility
I provide guidance on how to make communication and collaboration more inclusive and accessible, including how to respect and consider people from different cultures, and how to be more aware of accessibility issues.