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Culture Think Micro-Conference

In Person

October 10th-14th, 2023


Network with like-minded professionals, about culturally responsive teaching and design. Collaborate, share best practices, and build lasting connections with individuals who are dedicated to bridging the gap between teaching, design and culture.

LODEI Officer Certification

Learning and Online Diversity Equity, and Inclusion 




Are you ready to make a difference in the design industry and create a more inclusive world? Take action now by enrolling in the Learning and Online Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer Certification program!

Instructional Designer

The course design was interactive and engaging, with practical assignments that challenged me to apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios. This certification has been instrumental in advancing my career as a course designer.

Culturally Responsive Course Design



Not ready for the full LODEI program? This program is part one of the LODEI certification. Participants can complete the coaching at any time there after to receive the full LODEI certification.

Brittany Wright, O.D.

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Working with Dr. Courtney Plotts and Neuroculture was an outstanding experience. The culturally responsive teaching certification was thoughtfully designed, practical and included comprehensive tools for implementation into my courses. ALL faculty should participate in this training!

Erin Whitteck

Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Plotts is unlike any facilitator we have hosted on our campus. She intentionally built community before arriving through a series of personally crafted emails and continued in-person and after through follow-up consultations. The training was well-paced, including a balance of direct instruction and many interactive elements that modeled the very culturally responsive concepts she was conveying. Faculty left her training with concrete examples and a clear direction for ways they could build more culturally responsive courses.

Culturally Responsive Teaching



In this comprehensive certification program, you will not only delve into the core principles of culturally responsive teaching but also explore how it can minimize acculturative stress among your students through effective teaching practices. Acculturative stress refers to the challenges and emotional strain experienced by individuals adjusting to a new culture or navigating multiple cultural identities.

Tari Colon, Psy.D.

Director of District 7 Training and Performance Manager CPM

Dr. Plotts has provided this training for the previous organization (Department of Health) that I worked for as well as was the keynote speaker for Suncoast Region Certified Public Managers Symposium. Staff and members were talking about her presentations months after. Organizations should take any opportunity they can to get Dr. Plotts as a speaker or trainer. She is outstanding.

Culturally Responsive Leadership


Throughout this program, you will delve into the principles and practices of culturally responsive leadership. You will gain a deep understanding of the importance of cultural responsiveness and leadership. By embracing culturally responsive leadership, you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead with excellence and make important cultural changes within your organization.

Certification and Accreditation

All trainings are certified by the USCASEPS.ORG.