Module 2: Defining Social Potential and Types of Culture in the Workplace

Module Objectives:

  1. Define Social Potential and its Significance in the Workplace
    • Objective: Explain the concept of social potential and how it contributes to team dynamics, collaboration, and workplace productivity.
    • Objective: Assess the impact of high social potential on innovation, employee satisfaction, and organizational success.
  2. Identify and Understand Types of Workplace Culture
    • Objective: Describe the different types of workplace culture, including but not limited to, hierarchical, market-driven, clan, and adhocracy cultures.
    • Objective: Analyze the characteristics, advantages, and challenges of each type of workplace culture.
  3. Explore the Relationship between Social Potential and Workplace Culture
    • Objective: Examine how social potential can be fostered or hindered by different types of workplace cultures.
    • Objective: Discuss strategies for enhancing social potential within the context of an organization’s existing culture
  4. Responding to Cultural Change in the Workplace
    • Objective: Formulate strategies for effectively managing and leading cultural change within an organization.
    • Objective: Prepare a plan for addressing resistance to change and leveraging employee engagement during cultural transitions.