Lesson-3: Faculty Case Studies

Joe is a faculty member of color who works at a predominately white institution. He is experiencing acculturative stress within his institution, and struggling to connect with his mostly white student population. He is more familiar with Chinese culture. He completed the training in culturally responsive teaching and CRS©. He wants to develop culturally responsive courses.  Although this is a new concept for him, he feels overwhelmed by re-developing old courses and designing new courses. 

Joe decided to take the trainer’s advice and implement one of the best practices – ‘start small.’  Joe reviewed the aspects of European white cultural norms that align with teaching and learning practice that included, but were not limited to English, Dutch, French, French Canadian, German, Finnish, and Swedish.

Joe’s Small Changes

SocializationGradingCollaboration Activity
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Ask a culturally responsive instruction question. (Tier 1)Use culturally responsive grading and feedback when necessary. (Tier 3)Allow for individualism within the collaboration as well as group identity. (Tier 2)