For Educators

I support educators by using neuroculture to improve teaching practices is an innovative approach to teaching and learning. Neuroculture can help educators better understand the ways in which culture and the brain interact to shape learning.

I Help Educators Maximize Their
Social Potential Through:

Workshops & Training

Offering workshops and training sessions on neuroculture and its applications for education.

These sessions can cover topics such as:

  • How culture shapes brain development
  • The neural basis of learning
  • How cultural diversity can be leveraged in the classroom
Research & Best Practices

Share recent research and best practices in neuroculture-informed teaching. 

This can include studies on:

  • How different teaching methods affect brain development
  • The impact of cultural diversity on classroom dynamics
  • How to create culturally inclusive learning environments
Creating a Community of Practice

I bring educators together to share their experiences and knowledge, and to collaborate on ways to apply neuroculture to their teaching.

This can be done through:

  • Online communities
  • In-person meetings
  • Combination of both
Providing Resources

Share resources such as articles, books, and videos that cover neuroculture and its applications for education. These resources can help educators deepen their understanding of the field and apply it to their teaching.

Lastly, I encourage educators to safely experiment with new teaching methods informed by neuroculture, and to reflect on the results. This will allow educators to validate the ideas learned, and to share the results and learnings with other educators.