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This comprehensive guide provides you with a powerful tool to assess and enhance the sense of community within your school, college, or organization. By incorporating cultural responsiveness into your community-building efforts, you can create an environment that celebrates diversity, promotes equity, and cultivates meaningful relationships among all members.

In our free guide, you will discover:

✅ The importance of a culturally responsive sense of community in education

✅ A comprehensive rubric to assess the current state of your community

✅ Strategies to foster cultural responsiveness and inclusion within your community

✅ Tips for strengthening relationships and promoting collaboration

✅ Resources for further exploration and professional development

preview of Sense of Community Rubric from Courtney Plotts of Neuroculture

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Dr. Courtney Plotts, I have dedicated my career to educating and informing others about the ways in which cultural experiences shape cognition and how it affects student learning and academic success.

I have created programs to help individuals and organizations understand neuroculture and its influence learning, leadership, and organizations.

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker on neuroculture, cultural responsiveness, and acculturative stress, I am in a unique position to share your knowledge and expertise with a wide range of audiences. I have the ability to educate and inform others about the ways in which cultural experiences shape the brain and cognitive function, decision-making, learning, and leadership and the ways in which cultural experiences individuals’ experiences and opportunities.