Culturally Responsive Interventions: The Basics for School Psychologists

Course Description

In today’s interconnected and diverse world, understanding and navigating cultural differences is essential for personal and professional success. This course, “Cultivating Cultural Competence,” offers a comprehensive exploration of the principles and practices needed to foster cultural competence and bridge gaps between individuals and communities from diverse backgrounds.

Course Format

    • This course will include video lectures, readings, and interactive assignments.
    • Participants will engage in group discussions and share their cultural competence journeys.
    • Case studies and real-world scenarios will be used for practical application.
    • Quizzes and assessments will measure progress and understanding.

    Course Duration:

    Approximately 10 weeks, with a suggested weekly commitment of 3-4 hours.

    Course Materials:

    Participants will have access to course readings, cultural competency resources, and a wealth of cross-cultural communication tools and exercises.