Who is Courtney Plotts?

Hi! My name is Dr. Courtney Plotts, I have dedicated my career to educating and informing others about the ways in which cultural experiences shape cognition and how it affects student learning and academic success.

I have created programs to help individuals and organizations understand neuroculture and its influence learning, leadership, and organizations.

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker on neuroculture, cultural responsiveness, and acculturative stress, I am in a unique position to share your knowledge and expertise with a wide range of audiences. I have the ability to educate and inform others about the ways in which cultural experiences shape the brain and cognitive function, decision-making, learning, and leadership and the ways in which cultural experiences individuals’ experiences and opportunities. Click


Who I Work With


I assist organizations to better understand the cultural context of their employees, and improve the effectiveness of their management, policies, and strategies. By providing professional development opportunities, you can also help professionals, researchers, and educators to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, and promote equity in their field.


For educators I share the latest research and findings on neuroculture and learning, and provide practical solutions and best practices for creating inclusive and effective learning environments for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. I also bring attention to the importance of understanding acculturative stress and how it affects students in the context of learning.


For leaders, I share secrets of unlocking the fullest social potential in themselves and others through the an understanding of neuroculture. I Connect leaders with experts in the field: Identify experts in neuroculture who can provide consultation and advice to leaders on how to apply neurocultural insights to their work.

Additionally, I bring awareness to the ways culture can affect mental health, and help organizations to understand how to identify and support individuals experiencing it, and how to provide effective interventions that take into account the cultural context in which individuals’ symptoms are experienced.

In programs, I provide practical solutions and best practices, share the latest research and findings, and create a sense of urgency around this important topic. Through my programs, you can inspire and motivate others to take action and to create more inclusive, harmonious, and equitable communities and workplaces.

Let’s unlock the social potential of all people together!